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About A1 Furniture

Welcome to A1 Furniture! We are a dedicated team with more than 10 years experience in the furniture industry. Our mission is to bring the highest quality furniture to you at a great price, to make your house, a comfortable home.

Have you ever wished that your home looked like those show flats in magazines and property launches?

Some of them look absolutely gorgeous and you might think, “That is a beautiful place I will feel excited to get back to, to live comfortably with my family, to grow together, to smile together.

That is a place I will be proud to invite my relatives and friends over. That will be a place my children will be proud to invite their friends over for a play date.

We at A1 Furniture (Singapore), have strived for years to give this homely experience to our clients. By providing top notch and beautiful furniture for the living room, bedrooms, dining rooms and study room, by always working towards getting a better price for you and by providing our customers with the best customer service ever…

That’s what we strive for, for you, to bring that smile to people who believe that a comfortable house will definitely contribute to a happier family.

Our Services

Home & Office Furniture

Our core strength is in home and office furniture. Over 10 years of experience in the field has led us to be experts in this industry in terms of technical knowledge.

Commercial Furniture

We are able to offer some of the best wholesale prices in town due to our close relations to our business partners over the years. We are one of the few in this industry who are capable of providing large supplies of furniture such as tables and chairs at very reasonable pricing with pace.

Custom Made Furniture

We also provide custom made furniture with exact dimensions for customers. Space planning for odd space rooms or to carve out some extra space from the existing room layout. Many of our customers are amazed at what we can do in such a short time and price.

“A1 : Always Strive For The Best”

Thank you for choosing us!